Sunday, November 15, 2009

SoulSpeak Cards

Gentle, supportive and inspirational insights come to me while working as an Intuitive. I create SoulSpeak greeting cards from recycled, discarded, or handmade scraps of paper to reflect my interpretation of the meaning of the words.

This set of four original designs are printed on cards stock, individually hand enhanced with painting, collage and embossing, so that each card becomes an original in its own right.

The cards are left blank inside for you to add your own personal message... or simply sign the cards and let the words speak for you. SoulSpeak cards are designed to be kept and cherished, framed individually, or as a set of insights to reflect upon or live by.

Once we have held in our hearts
what we know to be our truth
it is impossible to let go
of who we care

In the mirror of my mind
I catch a glimpse
of who I choose to become

We could all see
what's within
if we let go long enough to become it
Who you are
is what you know in your heart
to be true

5"x7" (approx. 12.5 x 18 cm)
Printed on white heavy weight cards stock
Blank inside
White mailing envelope
Packaged in individual cellophane sleeve
Suitable for framing

Payment and Shipping Information

Cdn $ 25.00/per set of four includes Shipping and Handling to Canada and the U.S.
Overseas orders will include an additional shipping charge. Please inquire.


Email me at the number of sets you want, your mailing address and your choice of payment:

Paypal: Use the button on this site or I will email you through Paypal
Cdn Money Order: I will invoice you directly

Please note:
Both the words and images are the original work of Shena Meadowcroft and subject to copyright protection. Thank you for respecting that neither my words or images can be reproduced, saved, altered or used in any way.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Originally the title of my poetry book, SoulSpeak was also the name I gave to my Intuitive Counselling work. Eventually I realised that it was simply what I did, whether I taught others to hear their own soul, or listened to my own. Now the name of my mixed media art and writing studio on Gabriola Island, British Columbia in Canada, it speaks to each person in a different way, as does my work. People come by, stay awhile, quietly contemplate my work, often taking a piece home with them, and sometimes sharing with me the emotions it evokes in them. I hope you will do the same.

Listen for the soulspeak
You can hear its cry
Deep within your tender mind
Words that cannot be defined
You can hear the soulspeak
Even if you don't try
Listen for the soulspeak
You can see the signs
Graven images on your heart
Thoughts with another when apart
You can see the soulspeak
Just read between the lines
Listen for the soulspeak
You can feel the vibes
Shadows walk across the grave
Promises kept you never gave
You can feel the soulspeak
Mirrored in your eyes
Listen for the soulspeak
You can sense in time
Distorted moments of deja vu
Places visited you already knew
You can sense the soulspeak
It's been there all the while
Listen for the soulspeak
You can speak its name
Lessons passed on down the line
Wisdom from another time
You can voice the soulspeak
Just open up your heart